Daycare: The Cornerstone of Our Services

Pipsqueak Doggy Daycare: Your Dog's Ultimate Retreat!

Demonstrate your dedication to your furry companion's well-being! Whether your schedule keeps you occupied and you prefer not to leave your dogs alone at home or you seek to provide them with social interaction among their peers, PipSqueak Pup's Doggy Daycare offers the perfect recreational haven. Nestled in the convenient and inviting Kitsilano & Point Grey area of Vancouver, our cozy playtime space is designed to cater to your pup's needs.

Entrust your pup to a daycare that lives by the motto, "Where Small Dogs Rule!"

Our Offerings: Stress-Free | Fun | Abundant Social Interactions | Miniature Couches

We understand the challenges of managing dogs that tend to be destructive at home when left alone. This is just one reason why dog daycare is a brilliant solution! Our furry guests spend their day engaging in play with friends and enjoying multiple walks, channeling their energy in positive ways. Following a fulfilling day of play, your Pipsqueak pal will return home, having expended excess energy in a satisfying and constructive manner. You'll witness the difference as you welcome home a content and relaxed dog ready to unwind and share the evening with you.

We warmly welcome new furry friends into our daycare family!