Welcome to our playful small breed dog daycare!
With 13 years of expertise, our spotless facility is tailored for dogs up to 35 pounds, offering a fun and safe haven for your furry pals.

Full Day Pup Packs

Single Day:  $55 

10-Day Package: $449 - ($44.90)

20-Day Package: $830 - ($41.50)

30-Day Package: $1199 - ($39.95)

Half Day Pup Packs

Single Day: $45 

10-Day Package: $350 - ($35)

20-Day Package: $660 - ($33)

(6 Hour Limit)

Home Boarding

We provide overnight home boarding with inclusive daycare ($57.75 Value) at a rate of $110 per night.

Exclusive Dog Training

Engage in personalized training sessions. ($100/hour)

Where Small Dogs Rule!

No appointments needed after pups are registered.

Packages expire one (1) year from the purchase date.

Packages are non-transferable & non-refundable and are only valid for the specified services

10% discount for second dog from same the home for daycare. 

Additional $15/night fee during March, December, summer & long weekends for home boarding.

Daycare is a furry fiesta! It features daily strolls, potty breaks, supervised romps (running, playing, sniffing, learning tricks), siesta time, and mingling with furry friends for a paw-some social experience!