Puppy Training Classes


Private Puppy Training!

For puppies 10 weeks to a year.

A single, one-on-one training session tailored to an individual pet’s needs. Perfect for irregular schedules or dogs who need extra attention. Take as many classes as needed.

Start your new pet off on the right paw with this one on one personalized puppy training class that encourages and reinforces good behavior. We work with the natural instinct of puppies to stay near their pet parents, teaching potentially life-saving cues to help with those first months of life. Only $80 for a private 1.5 hour session. You will learn more in this 1.5 hour than taking a series of classes with a class of pups!

A Great Introductory Class That Teaches:

  • Simple cues like sit, come & stay
  • Basic manners
  • Socialization with people & other dogs
  • Loose-leash walking

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